Pawn brokering is the oldest recorded form of lending money. Pawnshops offer consumers a quick, convenient and confidential way to borrow money, and help millions of Americans meet their financial needs every year.
Finkelstein’s Pawn Shop offers short-term cash loans without credit checks or legal consequences if the loan is not repaid. Bring in your merchandise and we will evaluate it on the spot.

What is a Pawn?
A pawn is when a consumer is advanced funds in exchange for personal property that will be stored in the “pawnbroker’s” possession until the consumer redeems the merchandise according to the agreed upon terms, or the pawn contract defaults.
NC State law requires that each loan customer present a valid government identification card and sign a loan agreement.

When it comes to collateral, the choice is yours.
Although a majority of our loans are on jewelry and fine watches, we offer pawn loans on other personal and business items including; musical instruments, electronics, computers, audio and video equipment, photography equipment, tools, sporting goods, lawn and heavy equipment, motorcycles, water craft, collectables, memorabilia and art work.

Your collateral is always safe and secure.
Finkelstein’s Pawn Shop has unparalleled expertise and experience with pawn loans and has written loans ranging from $2.00 to over $50,000. We are trained to meet the needs of our customers in the most professional and courteous manner.You can feel confident that we have taken every measure to secure your valuables.

Please feel free to phone our loan experts at 828-253-7731 with any questions you might have.